Dharmapuri – City Of Places Of Worship Day 1

  • Dharmapuri, a city often tagged as the land of churches and temples, is one of the greatest places to see in Tamil Nadu. Along with enveloping various places of worship, this town is also home to some of the marvelous wonders of mother nature such as waterfalls, rivers, and more. For those who are seeking to get closer to mother nature and the higher power above us, this place is definitely a steal!
  • Best Time To Visit Dharmapuri: November to March
  • Must Experiences:
  • Take a ride on the boat in the pond near the Dharmapuri Falls.
  • Try the oil massages that are offered in this town and get relieved of all the stress, even if it is just for a little while.
  • Head to the various temples and churches covering the floors of Dharmapuri and offer homage.


Tour Cost:

 999 / person

Price On Request