Gingee Fort Day 1

• It lies in Villupuram district and is one of the surviving forts in the state. This fort is so fortified that the Maratha king, Shivaji named it “most impregnable fortress in India”. The British called it “Troy of the east”. The fort was first built by the Cholas but then modified for security reasons by the Vijayanagra Empire.
• The fort’s architecture is such that it is highly secure against attacks. Covered by walls on a great height and surrounded by a large moat, it stands there looking as fierce as it can.
• The complex has a seven-storied marriage hall, granaries, prison cells, and a temple dedicated to its presiding Hindu goddess. It also has a sacred pond in it. The hillock has small fortifications.
• This place is definitely one of the must visit heritages in South India.
• Tamil Nadu has a vivid culture and a number of heritage sites that make it worth a visit. It has so much to explore for every history enthusiast that it never lets them down. The various dynasties that ruled this place added their unique art forms and architectural styles to its heritages that now attract people from all over the globe.
• If you are looking for a great trip and have a special interest in history, then you must visit these places.


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